Articles by: Kathy Morgan

Kathy Morgan is the Vice President of Product Management, Strategic Initiatives at Sabre Travel Network. She has worked in the travel industry for over 25 years and held a variety of leadership positions at Sabre in support of the travel agency and supplier communities.

Blog Oct 31, 2018

Possibility vs. reality: Bringing NDC to life

NDC is poised to have far-reaching effects in the travel industry, but with all the preparation that is happening, the...

Blog Mar 1, 2018

NDC: A Win-Win-Win for Airlines, Agents and Travelers

Every industry tends to orbit around a narrow band of ever-evolving open technology standards. From automotive and insurance to telecoms...

Blog Jan 23, 2018

The best fare is a YES fare!

With travelers looking beyond the lowest fares to personalized travel experiences, it’s important for airlines to realize the benefits of...

Blog Dec 2, 2015

Putting travelers first by putting airlines and agencies ahead [Air Merchandising Manifesto]

Content covered in the essay: Air merchandising business model: how it came about and why it’s here to stay How...