Articles by: Joakim Everstin

Joakim is the Head of Innovation and EMEA's Technology Evangelist for Sabre Travel Network. In this role, he identifies emerging trends and technologies in travel. He then follows these developments into value-add products for Sabre’s customers. Joakim is a frequent keynote speaker and panelist around mobile technology and wearable devices.

Blog Oct 4, 2016

Wearables bring more personal touchpoints to the new travel experience

The wearable companion across the entire journey Just off a connecting flight, a traveler’s smart watch buzzes with updated gate...

Blog Sep 1, 2016

The revolution to stay relevant: How to rise above the mainstream to claim the most promising opportunities

The world is experiencing rapid change. Ten years ago, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter had just been founded. There was no...

Blog Apr 21, 2016

The machine made me go: An opinion on the future of predictive technology in travel

This is an opinion piece by Joakim Everstin, Sabre EMEA's Head of Innovation and Technology Evangelist. Read more on this week's...

Blog Mar 8, 2016

Innovation: Defining an imperfect term with rough, jagged edges

This is an opinion piece by Joakim Everstin, Sabre's Head of Innovation & Tech Evangelist EMEA. What is innovation? I...