Articles by: Ben Vinod

Ben Vinod, SVP, is Sabre's chief scientist. He focuses on innovation in travel and transportation. Primarily through advanced decision support and analytics capabilities for suppliers (airlines, hotels, rental car, cruise line, ferry) and distribution (global distribution systems, online travel agencies).

Blog Mar 13, 2020

Offer Management – Optimizing Airline Ancillary Bundles Based on Customer Preferences Part 1 of 3: Data collection and customer segmentation

Offer management is the process of selling the right bundle – airfare and air ancillaries – to the right customer...

Blog Jan 16, 2020

How Sabre is using AI/ML to change the technology of travel – Part 2

At Sabre, as we evaluate new opportunities for leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, we realize that...

Blog Jan 16, 2020

How Sabre is using AI/ML to change the technology of travel – Part 1

After the deregulation of the airline industry in 1979, Sabre has played a pivotal role in enabling all aspects of...

Blog Jul 5, 2017

Customer-centric sales: How to maximize sales through better product distribution

Forward-looking distribution methods are associated with greater personalization characteristics, resulting in improved opportunities for an airline to offer the right...

Blog Aug 23, 2016

Chatbots in travel: 4 things the industry must get right for success

This is a viewpoint from Ben Vinod, Sabre's Chief Scientist. For more executive perspectives, browse the ongoing Exec Pulse series...

Blog Aug 28, 2015

E-ROAR: enhanced robust operational aircraft routing

BRINGING AIRLINE PLANNING AND OPERATIONS CLOSER TOGETHER In the modern, ultra-competitive world of commercial air transportation, planning tools are critical,...