For TripCase, Latin America accounts for higher App Store conversion rates, advertising click-through rates and App Store rankings. This shows that the growing connectivity of Latin American travelers is having a measurable impact. In fact, TripAdvisor’s latest Trip Barometer study confirms that the region has the most connected travelers — 57%, which is more than any other region in the world.

This connectivity is especially prevalent in Brazil, which was ranked the third “most connected” country in the survey. In Latin America, Brazil has the 3rd highest penetration of smartphones, after Mexico and Chile. The countries with the lowest number of smartphones are Colombia and Costa Rica.

Due to cost, iPhones are out of reach for most consumers in Latin America. For instance, Tech in Brazil reports that only 1% of Brazilians are Apple aficionados. These users cluster in the wealthier areas of the country, such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. In the region as a whole, Android dominates the market at 90% share due to its affordability and accessibility.

These wealthier iPhone users seek out ways to travel more effectively — and are turning to TripCase for help. That puts Brazil 4th in total installs by country outside of North America, In the App Store, Brazil has a minimum 14% higher install rate of TripCase on the App Store — more than any other of the top-converting countries.

Overall, Brazil is 6th in total TripCase installs, driven by a 88% higher CTR on desktop-based advertising than the U.S. Brazil sits only behind Ecuador with the highest CTR of all countries served by TripCase.

Given that many smartphones users rely solely on the mobile connection for access to the internet — 52% of Brazilians without home internet rely on mobile access — it’s a necessity for travel suppliers, agents and brands to offer mobile-first solutions to regional travelers. The good news is an immediately addressable market of nearly 407 million mobile phones this year! By 2018, eMarketer predicts that 73% of all mobile phones in Latin America will be connected to the mobile web.

TripCase is now available in 9 languages, including Spanish and Portuguese. Learn more about the Latin American traveler from Sabre’s TripCase, GetThere and Sabre Virtual Payments at LACTE, the largest corporate travel event in Latin America. The team will be in the Grand Foyer at Grand Hyatt São Paulo.

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