Last week, over 5K exhibitors representing 184 countries and regions gathered together for the Annual World Trade Market (#WTM13) Exhibition in London. WTM provides a unique opportunity for attendees to connect with colleagues and peers to obtain a greater sense market intelligence, industry forecasts and trends from over 100 content-

rich sessions hosted by industry leaders. Sabre had a strong presence during the event with a presentation from Sarah Kennedy Ellis, director of Sabre Labs, regarding the importance of leveraging social intelligence to improve traveler experience. Sabre also sponsored WTM Fresh, a new session focusing on companies (less than a year old) who use technology such as web, mobile, social, apps, etc. to help consumers with trip planning and travel inspiration before and during a trip.

 Joakim Everstin (@Everstin), Innovation Manager, Sabre,speaking during the WTMFresh Session

Joakim Everstin (@Everstin), Innovation Manager, Sabre,speaking during the WTMFresh Session

The #WTMFresh session consisted of six start-ups that each had five  minutes to pitch their fresh idea for travel to a panel of judges. The panel judges included:

While each of the six start-up companies did a great job of presenting their five- minute elevator pitch, the winner this year was awarded to The Escape List. The Escape List is the UK’s first and only affordable luxury hotel website, which serves as an inspiration resource that saves customers both time and money when searching for hotels and properties that match their high standards but limited budgets.

“Congratulations to The Escape List team on a job well-done and Sabre is  excited to help support their development as well as provide mentoring and access to a range of travel APIs through our technology partners,” Said  Joakim Everstin, Innovation Manager, Technology Partner Program, Sabre Travel Network.