Last month, Dana Jones, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for Sabre Airline Solutions, shared news about the release of a whitepaper written by The Economist Intelligence Unit and published by Sabre Airline Solutions.

This month I’m pleased to announce the release of the full Special Report entitled, Airline Customer Experience: Vital to Long-Term Success. This report continues to dive deeper into improving the airline customer experience by using technology, data and successful strategies proven in other industries.

Below is a preview of the new information you’ll find in the report.

  • Expanding personalization to build loyalty. Airlines can learn from other industries, which have learned to sculpt increasingly personalized experiences using ever-more-granular data about customer needs and desires.
  • Viewing the traveler as data packet. Building richer customer data profiles is the first step for airlines that aim to deliver seamless travel experiences that are coolly efficient, but warmly personal.
  • Smoothing the airport experience. By leveraging new technologies already in use in some locations, airlines and airports can reduce obstacles at check-in, security and boarding. Allowing travelers to manage this process in a self-serve manner will overcome a major pain-point for airline customers today.
  • Justifying the cost of technology upgrades. As airlines turn to enhancing customer experience, projecting that an investment will improve the experience to a degree that engenders loyalty and enhanced revenue remains a particularly difficult, yet important undertaking.
  • Managing the full travel chain. With the right data partnerships with hospitality providers and other travel industry organizations, airlines can position themselves as value-added coordinators for the broader travel experience.

The insights from this Special Report challenge us to provide a more personalized and thoughtful travel experience. Together, we can work toward boosting brand loyalty, ensuring the growth and profitability of the airline industry for decades to come.