If there’s one thing to know about Gattitoni…

…it’s that it has a phenomenal history of continuous innovation and growth. The Gattinoni Group started as one small office in 1983, and has since grown to one of Italy’s largest travel networks with hundreds of affiliates. But for founder Franco Gattinoni maintaining quality – in people, products and processes — is his main focus.

Franco Gattinoni’s main focus is on quality – in people, products, and processes. #AgencyGoals


Taking the long view

Gattinoni has partnered with Sabre for over 16 years. We share values of continuous innovation and quality. As Franco Gattinoni himself recently shared, “We’re approached constantly by other technology vendors that want to work with us. We stay with Sabre because they promise – and deliver – quality people, quality relationships, and quality technology.”

Sabre’s dedication to continually improving our platforms with features like Automated Exchanges, Coupon Storage and Quality Control & Ticketing allow Gattinoni to offer the best level of service to their customers. This relentless focus on quality is invaluable in today’s digital-first world.

By converting affiliate agencies to Sabre, and subsequently standardizing operations, Gattinoni’s further enhanced its quality control and customer service.  As a result of improving its automation processes, the firm has saved dozens of man-hours and reduced costs across the business. And when your firm manages 450,000 bookings a year, each incremental improvement provides bottom-line returns.

In collaboration with Gattinoni, we’ve compiled insights into how and why this agency has thrived for over three decades. Click below to explore how Gattinoni’s success might impact your own efforts.