We often talk about travel being a “people” business, and it is little wonder when we consider the multiple relationships, complex value chains and interdependencies at play in the travel ecosystem.

A central part of that ecosystem is the global distribution system (GDS). In our role as a data aggregator and travel technology provider, we support all players from airlines and travel agencies to corporate buyers and other intermediaries – enabling seamless retailing, distribution and fulfillment. When exploring the ecosystem further, one thing is certain. No one part of the value chain can survive on its own.

In chapter 2 of our eBook “NDC To the Power of Sabre,” we explore the six key players in the travel ecosystem: the airline, the global distribution system, the travel management company, the agency / OTA, the corporate travel manager, and the individual traveler. We discuss their priorities and pain points, and ultimately, how New Distribution Capability (NDC) standards will help them interact more effectively and drive increased value to the modern traveler.

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