An organization that thrives on the creative excellence of its employees understands that its work culture is important to attract top talent. Organizations that stimulate innovation and enable its employees to solve complex industry problems in a flexible and transparent environment are most successful in sretaining their top performers.

Growth and internal mobility opportunities were other key reasons why Anant Aragula joined Sabre in 2008. Aragula is the Director of Sabre AirCentre Airport Management Delivery and Customer Support.

With 21 year experience in the IT industry, Anant’s journey includes application development, consulting and a successful entrepreneurial stint in the USA.

Anant recently returned to his hometown of Bangalore, with his wife Vandana and two daughters, for the opportunity to experience their ethnic culture. Anant’s passion and contribution was recognized by the leadership team and he grew from a Sr. Project Manager to a Delivery Director in less than 7 years.

A fitness and vintage motorcycle enthusiast, Anant owns and rides a 1970 Jawa Motorcycle for his recreation. He manages to hit the gym 5 to 6 days a week whether in India or travelling. In a conversation with Sabre India’s Rachana Khanzode, talks about his journey, what it means to be at Sabre and his passions for fitness.

What impressed you about Sabre you when you joined in 2008?

The “Sabre culture” was the first thing that stood out to me. My image of an Indian (“Desi”) organizations changed when I first walked into Sabre office – to me the cabin-less layout conveyed transparency and openness fostering collaboration and a class less hierarchy. Sabre’s work culture is similar to what I experienced in the Silicon Valley, USA. From the moment I stepped in to the office, I was sure that Sabre is the organization that I wanted to work for!

You have been at Sabre for 8 years. What drives people to stick around at Sabre?

The market leading innovative solutions, the stimulating and challenging work, the highest levels of integrity demonstrated across the organization and last but not the least – bragging rights that come with the opportunity to work at one of the industry leading travel technology organization.

Can you tell us more about the growth opportunity at Sabre?

Sabre offers excellent opportunities for both professional as well as personal growth with highly competitive compensation package, flexibility, challenging work, as well as mobility to work with different technologies.

Several up-skilling opportunities are available to employees both in the technical as well as business areas. Additionally, given that we have teams and customers around the world, the global exposure and cultural experience is unique and enriching.What describes your current role best?

As the Delivery Director for AirCentre Airport Management, I provide leadership oversight to a highly talented and motivated team that delivers Airport Management solutions to our customers in SaaS as well as local environments. We also support our customers in their mission critical production usage and operations.

What makes you ‘get up and go to work’ every morning?

Every day is a new day with new opportunities, new challenges and problems to solve. There’s never a dull moment in the Delivery organization at Sabre. The requirement in the delivery team is very dynamic, quick, and happens at an exhilarating pace!

Additionally, my role and job requires a high level of interaction with customers and the extended team members, which I cherish.

How do you manage to keep your passion for fitness given your busy schedule and frequent travel?

I have exercised on and off and hit the gym quite frequently over the last 20 years but recently decided to take my exercise and ‘eating right’ habits to the next level. Luckily for me, I have the flexibility to hit the gym five to six days weekly in the mornings since my current role mostly requires me to work in the evenings.

Here are some questions to define you outside of work. Please provide quick answers:

Your favorite food:  Sushi

Happiest when: Listening to my kids jamming on their keyboard and guitar

Favorite hobbies: Hitting the gym, experimenting w/ micro farming (brand new passion J), riding my 1970 Jawa

Biggest regret: Time lost

Biggest fear: Being afraid :)

Favorite word: Perseverance

Bucket list:

  1. Reduce body fat to 8% by EOY 2016
  2. Visit the 7 wonders of the world and Antartica – the continent  that I haven’t laid foot on
  3. Learn conversational Spanish
  4. Own a Harley Davidson FatBoy (need to convince Vandana)
  5. Traverse the continental USA in an RV with my family