At Sabre, we embrace the progressive and innovative culture that comes with being a technology company. Our corporate responsibility (CR) efforts – how we treat our people, communities and the environment, as well as how we manage our business –are a large part of our forward-thinking culture.

Over the past few years, our corporate responsibility initiatives have rallied around the mantra of “Better Travel, Better World.” But as our business has evolved, so have our CR programs.  “While inspiring, ‘Better travel, Better World’ only addressed one part of Sabre,” said Barbra Anderson, director of Global Corporate Responsibility for Sabre. “As a leading technology company in the travel industry we are in a unique position to drive exponential positive social and environmental change by leveraging our partnerships.”

Our new approach – “Serve, Sustain, and Deliver” –illustrates how we plan to provide solutions together with our industry partners, customers and employees.

“Sabre has fostered a responsible culture for many years,” said Anderson, “ Now that the travel and tourism industry is focusing more on these types of issues, we have an opportunity to partner with our customers and stakeholders to help them meet their sustainability goals, as well as ours.”

This objective is part of our goal to deliver responsible solutions to our customers, and aligns with Sabre’s corporate mission to provide innovative technology solutions to help our customers succeed.

This is important as the travel industry becomes more focused on sustainable management. According to a recent article written by Marc Gunther and published in Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) magazine, “Every major hotelier—Starwood, Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, IHC, and the rest—have invested in energy and water efficiency, reported its carbon footprint online, reduced waste, organized ‘green teams’ of engaged employees, and embraced social programs ranging from recycling soap and toiletries to teaching employees to recognize and report human sex trafficking.”

Of course, there will be those in the industry who aren’t demanding the types of responsible solutions that Sabre sees the potential to create. But innovation isn’t always about giving stakeholders what they ask for – it’s about giving them what they didn’t even realize they needed. We look forward to working together with our stakeholders to serve, sustain, and deliver…together.