Millenials are always a popular topic in travel. Some would say too popular! While millennial fatigue is a real thing, let’s not forget the equally real buying power of this generation. Now entering their peak earning and spending years, the mindset of this traveler continues to engage the travel industry.

At each stage of travel, there are unique opportunities for the travel industry to return that engagement. The first stage is the dreaming stage, followed by planning, booking, experiencing and sharing. We covered each of those stages in our millennial mindsets series.

Leveraging the dreaming stage pre-travel

Rather than coming to mind during the planning/booking stage, consultants provide quite the bit of perspective and assistance during the period of inspiration. As travel and destination experts, this knowledge is invaluable. And often, once expertise is proven, travelers are more comfortable using the valuable assistance of the travel consultant.

There are many opportunities for agencies to capture a piece of the dreaming stage. Here are 6 tips for agencies to deliver a stronger and more captivating presence during the first phase of travel.

6 tips to make your agency stronger by capitalizing on the dreaming stage of travel (2)

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