Want 40 hours of time back in your month? Travel buyers will tell you they often spend an average of 40 hours per month reconciling travel expenses and payment data. Sabre Virtual Payments can change that. Virtual cards make reconciliation easy and eliminate the manual effort required to match transaction and booking data. Sabre Virtual Payments gives travel managers the ability to reduce costs, save time, and increase security while ensuring travelers remain policy compliant.

Save time and cut costs with automated reconciliation

Automated matching of the travel data booked in Sabre with the billed data greatly reduces time in the reconciliation process, provides more timely payments to preferred suppliers and makes it easy to identify travelers that are not complying with corporate travel policy. In addition, hotel no-show charges are reported in the reconciliation tool so travel managers can proactively address and react to these charges. The reconciliation tool offers the ability to add unlimited custom data fields and easily incorporates information included in the reservation. Many corporations use the export feature to take reports directly from the reconciliation tool and import the information into accounting or other offline systems. 

Take control and make compliance easy

A virtual card is deployed during the reservation process and sends payment instructions and restrictions to the travel supplier which ensures preferred suppliers are used and components of the travel policy are applied fairly throughout the company. Additionally, a merchant category is placed on each card and limits the use to a specific travel, such as hotel or airline.

Protect your wallet

In a digital age where data breaches can compromise the financial lives of customers, security is a top of mind concern. Sabre Virtual Payments improves security by eliminating plastic cards and issuing virtual cards with credit limits, merchant category controls and date restrictions. Using virtual payments instantly reduces fraud exposure and misuse.

Ready to gain 40 hours of time back in your month? Have peace of mind with Sabre Virtual Payments – let us show you how virtual cards can streamline your travel program. Contact us at virtualpayments@sabre.com to learn more.