Bringing API innovation, design, strategy and services on the center stage right in the heart of Silicon Valley … how could we miss it?

We’re happy to say we’ll be joining the 3,000 API lovers at API World Hackathon, Conference and Expo on September 26-30 in Santa, Clara California.

This conference brings developers and entrepreneurs together to navigate through panel talks, workshops and product demos that cover the landscape of the contributions APIs have on the larger ecosystem.

API World lists three key reasons why developers should come to this event: learn, hack and integrate. So regardless of your motives, we’ll be at API World to give you a little of each.

1. Learn

The workshops at API World will help you fine-tune your API skills. Among the various panels and fireside chats with outstanding speakers, one of our own will be schooling the fellow geeks at API World.

Michael Kato is a technical consultant for developer sales and support group. On any given day, Michael is fostering and developing technology relationships with the 80+ Sabre Authorized Developers in North America, as well as working with new developers to ensure a smooth and efficient integration.

If you want to learn to shake up the travel space, join Michael to learn about how to disrupt travel by building an app with any of our 150+ travel related APIs and data products.

2. Hack

After you learn how to shake up the travel space, put it into action! Build an app incorporating Sabre APIs for a chance to win $1,000 in cash. Take a look at some of our APIs, demo apps, and sample code to get you started.

3. Integrate

We’re most excited about connecting with all of you at API World. Stop by our booth to find out how to use Sabre APIs to #ReinventTravel.