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Ground, Sea & Tour Operators

Be a part of their journey from end to end.

Every opportunity you have for distinction, simplicity and advantage needs to be acted upon. That’s why you turn to Sabre technology products to help maximize your reach, and deliver your unique content to almost 400,000 travel agents and millions of travelers worldwide. Our innovative solutions and flexible platform continue to push the cutting edge of personalization, retailing and automation – which drives revenue even further.

Rental cars

With over 40,000 pick-up locations and 40 car rental brands, we’re equipped to drive both customers and revenue to your bottom line. In fact, Sabre is the only GDS offering confirmed car “extras,” such as a navigation system or children’s car seat, providing the traveler cost transparency and peace of mind before they pick up their vehicle. We also allow suppliers to offer guaranteed prepaid rates, with our Car Rate Assured™.


We take your detailed rail schedules, fares, and seat inventory data and distill them into quick, easy-to-use information for agencies around the world. With Sabre, agents can easily shop and book multimodal itineraries, combining rail with air, car and hotels into one booking.


Create comprehensive and efficient cruise distribution through our network of travel agents by enhancing technology and systems you already have. As your technology partner, Sabre helps grow your revenue through an efficient, profitable distribution channel. Flexible solutions allow agencies to choose between using Sabre Cruise API to fuel their own booking tool or using our graphical user interface, Sabre Cruise, accessible via Sabre Red 360.

Tour Operators

Whether you offer vacation packages, holiday homes, travel insurance or other leisure travel products, you can connect with potential buyers with distribution solutions like Sabre Vacations Canada (available exclusively in Canada) and Shop Holidays (available to agents in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). These programs feature graphical interfaces, making it easy for travel agents to shop, book, cancel, modify and handle payments all in one place.

Available Products

  • Cars

    Cars is a reservation feature that offers access to comprehensive rental car content.

  • Rail

    Rail offers competitive rail content solutions in Europe, North America and Canada. Our breadth of content extends across 50 rail company networks.  

  • Sabre Vacations

    Sabre Vacations is a graphical, web-based vacation package shopping and booking engine. Ideal for agencies specializing in leisure travel, Sabre Vacations lets you better market, access, sell and manage vacation packages in Canada.