Measuring Clearspace

Clearspace is the area that surrounds the Sabre logo. Nothing should cross into this clearspace. Our clearspace is a fixed size that’s determined by the x-height of the S of the Sabre logo that you are placing.

How and when to use the Slab

We created the Slab for instances when the Sabre logo needs to be placed directly on photographs or above busy imagery. It should not be recreated or used to house any other content, logos, or graphics. The slab should always be placed on the left side of an artboard, page, or element and bleed off of the left edge. It should never float on its own or be used in place of the standard Sabre logo.

The slab was inspired by the “beacon” inside the Sabre logo. It’s a 24˚ angle from the Y-axis and a 66˚ angle from the X-axis.

Retired logos that should never be used

The following logos have been retired from use and should not be reintroduced to any new piece of communication.