A perspective web graphic appears with or without round nodes. Sabre tech web illustrates our expert management of complex and vital technology. It also symbolizes the connections and interconnections that our technology provides. The tech web can be used as an overlay to visually indicate our technology in action or as an underlay to show how our technology supports the industry.


  • Can be scaled and cropped.
  • Can be used over or behind an image.
  • Can appear as a transparency.
  • Can appear in any color from the primary or secondary Sabre palette.
  • Can be minimally altered to accommodate layouts while still maintaining graphic integrity.

Download the EdgeWeb

Our icons

They serve as a common visual language and bridge language gaps. Done right, they're instantly recognizable and perfect to use when space is valuable and content is abundant. The icon pack below contains over 500 icons to choose from, so go have some icon fun. Just remember icon overpopulation is a real problem. Use restraint and be responsible.