Shading the Sabre Brand

Your goal should be to make the strongest statement with deliberate and controlled use of color. As often as possible, let white space, your EdgeRays and the image composition govern how and where you use color.

Our color palette and color swatches web app can help.

Primary palette usage

Sabre red is recognizable as our brand-specific color, and a little goes a long way. Our projects should always incorporate red – but sparingly. White should be used freely, while the use of black should be limited to typography and dividing elements.

A best practice is to rely on the Sabre logo to represent the red in the layout; additional uses of that color should be simply to highlight remaining key touchpoints, typography inflection or other areas of differentiation.

  • HEX: E50000
    RGB: 229/0/0
    CMYK: 4/100/100/0
    PMS 485

  • HEX: ffffff
    RGB: 255/255/255
    CMYK: 0/0/0/0

Secondary palette usage

Use these secondary colors to complement and balance our Sabre red. These additional colors should never dominate the layout.

Consider the tone of the project when utilizing secondary colors. The use of too many bright colors can dilute the brand. They should be used sparingly for visual variance and to focus interest in the layout.

  • HEX: 111111
    RGB: 17/17/17
    CMYK: 73/67/66/83

  • HEX: 767676
    RGB: 118/118/118
    CMYK: 55/47/46/12

    RGB: 204/204/204
    CMYK: 19/15/16/0

  • HEX: E5E5E5
    RGB: 229/229/229
    CMYK: 9/6/7/0

  • HEX: ac0000
    RGB: 172/0/0
    CMYK: 21/100/100/16

Tertiary palette usage

The tertiary colors are complementary to our primary colors, but are not recognizable identifiers for Sabre. Tertiary colors should be used sparingly, that is, in "highlight" ways or for infographics and data visualizations only.

  • HEX: 1A4D66
    RGB: 26/77/102
    CMYK: 93/64/41/24

  • HEX: 3399CC
    RGB: 51/153/204
    CMYK: 73/26/5/0

  • HEX: 31B98E
    RGB: 49/185/142
    CMYK: 73/0/59/0

  • HEX: 9DD7D8
    RGB: 157/215/216
    CMYK: 37/1/16/0

  • HEX: E5E53E
    RGB: 229/229/62
    CMYK: 13/0/88/0