Your goal should be to make the strongest statement with a deliberate and controlled use of color. As often as possible, let whitespace and your general composition govern how and where to use color to create balance, hierarchy, and convey meaning.

Our downloadable color palette and color swatch web app can help.

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Using the color palette

Sabre Brand Red is recognized as our brand-specific color and should be used with intention and purpose to provide visual impact. Our projects should always incorporate red, but it should not flood the design. The Sabre logo or the Slab should be a red highlight in any given layout, and additional uses of red should emphasize key touchpoints, typography inflection or other areas of differentiation.

  Download the Color Printout Guide

Primary White should be used freely and can be the most dominant color and allows Sabre Red to stand out on White. The use of Primary Black and Stand-out Slate should be limited to typography and accent colors unless your presenting with the authorized “Dark Theme” presentation templates. All other colors in the palette should be used sparingly and align with the ratios presented in the visual above.

There are special circumstances where alternative palettes can be reviewed and authorized for unique use cases such as data visualization, illustration, campaigns, events, or additional color themes as needed.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the color palette.